Building and pest inspection cost should be affordable that people should afford it

Wade Harrison, who represents schools, said that for two years he has tried to get running water in the school’s concession stand.Harper said Birmingham Police Pest Inspection Prices  conducted a sting and caught Charles Gravitt on May 12 when he came to a motel or apartment in Birmingham to meet “her.”According to the Jefferson County Jail, Gravitt, 48, is in jail charged with soliciting a minor and has a $100,000 bond.ATHENS — The city’s kennel attendant has lost his job after a study of area facilities shows the Athens Animal Shelter should be able to operate with one fewer employee.

The cut also helps the city combat a budget shortfall, Athens City Council President Brian Terry said.The remaining three employees will have to cover his duties, which include cleaning the kennels daily.She reported that the city shelter can operate with three workers: its director, enforcement officer and secretary/kennel attendant.Decatur City Council voted Monday to pay $24,000 for 1.58 acres on Nelms Road Northwest for its new fire Station 4 on the condition that the city annex the land.

The Fire Department will relocate Station 4, now on Third Street Southwest, to the new site, Fire Chief Charlie Johnson said.The department will relocate Station 1, now on Gordon Drive Southeast, to the old Station 4 property, where the city plans to build a new station house.The future Station 4 site on Road is off of West Street near where the street narrows from four lanes to two.Decatur officials built the current fire stations relatively close together.

years ago before crews built the railroad overpasses because a passing train could prevent fire trucks on one side of the tracks from reaching a blaze on the other side.When inspectors found that mold in station air ducts was making many firefighters sick, the city decided to renovate two stations and relocate three others, using the opportunity to relocate the stations to give firefighters a four-minute response time anywhere in the city.